3is3 Identity at the Rag Factory

3is3 Identity Rag Factory

21st-24rd of October 2010 about 1200 people witnessed the first group exhibition of 3is3 Identity  in the Rag Factory just off Bricklane. Complimentary to the photographs the event featured a live art exhibit of  Jen Darc and in addition to Christian Kraatz series „We Refuse to Be Enemies“ a screening of the documentary “The Iron … Continue reading

Lucie Varekova

Lucie Varekova "The Grey Jumper" "The Grey Jumper"

Lucie Varekova comes from the Czech Republic. She has lived and worked in the UK since 2003. Her work has been inspired by many photographers. Arnold Neumann stands out, saying: “We don’t take pictures with our cameras – we take them with our hearts and minds.” The “Grey Jumper” is a visual story focusing on … Continue reading

Jen Dark

"Barred" from the series "Disabled And Constrained

Jen Darc is a self staging artist specialized in photography and digital art. She is a fictional character, an overall artwork, using more than one medium of expression.Jen Darc is the protagonist of the dark, reflecting the antagonism of our existence. She allows beauty and aesthetic to illuminate the boundaries our minds are so often … Continue reading

Christian Kraatz

Christian Kraatz "Cistern" from the series "We refuse to be enemies"

Christian Kraatz was born and raised in the former German Democratic Republic in 1980. His artistic skill have been influenced by German artist Kai Simon. After five years of collaboration Christian started to do his own exhibitions and worked as a freelance photographer. Since 2009 he is living and working in London. Concentrating on the … Continue reading

who are we?

Who are we?  Who am I? What does Identity mean? Questions asked by many people. 3 is 3 Identity is a platform for artists displaying their artistic approaches to the topic “Identity”. Due to their individual perspectives the results reflect the diversity implied in the idea of identity. Regular exchange about individual projects and curating … Continue reading