3is3 Identity Vernissage in Block 16 Hannover

Yesterday, on the 17th of June 3 is 3 Identity opened their photographic exhibition displaying works of Lucie Varekova, Simon Slipek and Christian Kraatz. Block 16 hosting the show became one of Hanovers cultural hotspots. The opening night attracted around 100 people. The successfully curated exhibition contains works about Lucie’s journey of personal transformation, Simon’s … Continue reading

3is3 Identity Exhibition 17th to 26th of June in Block 16

3is3 Identity in Block 16 Hannover

3is3 Identity has a new showcase lined up. It will be from 17th-26th of June in Atelier Block 16 in Hanover, Germany, showing works by Lucie Varekova, Simon Slipek and Christian Kraatz. On exhibition Lucie Varekova’s series “The grey Jumper”,  Simon Slipek’s series “My hear changes with history” and “We refuse to be enemies” 1st and … Continue reading

Simon Slipek

My heart change with history

We proudly welcome a new artist to 3is3Identity, German fine art photographer Simon Slipek. He was born in  Hannover in 1983. After his studys at Akademie fuer Photografie in Hamburg he went on to Ostkreuzschule in Berlin and graduated 2010. Simons photographs are regularly on display since 2006. In 2010 he recived hournorble mentions by … Continue reading

Identity Street Gallery

3i3 Identity Street Gallery

No stuffy art galleries for you. Make the most of the summer as blank canvases around London are transformed into artistic spaces. What better place to see a collective work of street artists and photographers? 3 is 3 Identity street gallery will be spontaneously popping up in sunspots all over the city. The first event … Continue reading