3is3 Identity, Heimat, photography, Simon Slipek, Christian Kraatz, Arbeit, London

Heimat a term implying home, origin, tradition and belonging has a strong influence on an individuals identity. The 3rd group exhibition of the photography collective 3 is 3 Identity shows works from Simon Slipek and Christian Kraatz at Arbeit  from 5th-12th of January.

The German word Heimat is mostly related to the strong bound between people and places whether it arises from choice or origin.

Christian Kraatz series homeland originates from his relocation to the UK in January 2009. A single-use camera long past its sell-by-date had been used to capture ageless impressions. Aligned with feelings of freedom and equilibrium he faced his native country, feeling an enormous bond during the emotional realisation of parting, which caused pleasurable sentiments of arrival.

In Simon Slipeks series “Die improvisierte Stadt” the attention is drawn to Berlin a city full of history and constant change. After the reunification in 1989  the divided city grew together. Berlin’s infrastructure changed. Partly intended, partly improvised. It’s very particular character stimulated Simon to portrait this urban Heimat.  

The exhibition was accompanied by a pay-as-much-as-you-like “Berlin Weinbar”, a short story reading, artist talk and a screening.

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