The Self, Place and Space – thoughts towards ‘Ubiquitous Grounds’

The Self, Place and Space

by Nizar Taha Hajj Ahmad

What is place?!

Place is the concept that we define somewhere in relation to the objects that are present or absent by means of language. This definition seems simple. In fact, it is apparently so, but It includes three elements : We (the self), Place & space (the relation between the self and the place).

The self is the mind and the heart in every human being, we perceive the world ( multiple places) through our senses and by time we accumulate images ( photos, sounds, smells, feels  etc) and develop relevant signifiers.  This process is the mind contribution to the self.
In parallel to the mind contribution the heart builds its own archive of the feelings it experiences when the signifiers  are being acquired by the mind.

This two –fold process makes every human unique. In other words, the images perceived and the nature of the environment that encompasses the perception create a very complex unique contest called the “self” therefore , the “self” is an ever-changing context , always open to embrace, produce, replace and interact with other context ( selves or humans).

The environment that surrounds these contexts is the place. Once a place became a part of a context, it becomes space. A good example of the grammar of English when we say :

A-    A place: is not a space.

B-    The place: is a space.

In (A) , the word “place” is indefinite as it refers to any place and it is thereby not a part of any human context, it’s rather a concept.

In (B), the word “place” is definite for at least one person, which means it is a part of this person’s context.

That’s why, proper names of places refer to spaces not to places, for instance London is a space not a place.

Space,  then, is the creation of both ; the mind and the heart of a certain individual in a certain context or environment , the context here is not human; it is a higher level of context it’s not the self context it is the universe context .

Photography is an art that manifests this creation: (space) and pass it over to a brooder ‘space ‘.

The moment we look at a photograph we don’t see a place.. But rather perceive a space .. The relation between  the photographer (the self) and the place in a particular moment which represent the plastic motion of the universe. … The photograph.

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