The Self, Place and Space – thoughts towards ‘Ubiquitous Grounds’

The Self, Place and Space by Nizar Taha Hajj Ahmad   What is place?!   Place is the concept that we define somewhere in relation to the objects that are present or absent by means of language. This definition seems simple. In fact, it is apparently so, but It includes three elements : We (the … Continue reading

3is3 Identity Supports Laptoplakayed

Kayed - Christian Kraatz 2011

You might have already heard about Christians fundraising for Kayed a disabled palestinian student he met on his last trip to the middle east. We decided to give away 10 A3 photography posters from the Identity Streetgallery for the next 10 donations.  Make a donation and choose your favourite poster!


DROP HOLLYWOOD – GET NEIGHBORHOOD Tel Aviv Streetart’11 Hello people Christian is just back from Israel and Palestine. And look what he brought for for you. A funky fresh Tel Aviv street art report from around Florentine. (photos by Christian Kraatz)