The Self, Place and Space – thoughts towards ‘Ubiquitous Grounds’

The Self, Place and Space by Nizar Taha Hajj Ahmad   What is place?!   Place is the concept that we define somewhere in relation to the objects that are present or absent by means of language. This definition seems simple. In fact, it is apparently so, but It includes three elements : We (the … Continue reading


        Tom Kavanagh lives and works in London and  has been practising photography for over 10 years. He graduated from London Collage of Communication in 2008. Tom has been in a number of publications and often contributes to magazines such as Dazed & Confused and TANK magazine. Also Tom has been in … Continue reading

Tim Deussen

Let us introduce you to Tim Deussen and his work. Tim is going to be part of 3is3Identitys next exhibition Ubiquitous Grounds at The Strand Gallery London. Tim Deussen was born on the 1st of May 1968, in Germany.  He studied photography at the New York University.  Since his graduation with an MA Degree in … Continue reading


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UBIQUITOUS GROUNDS – 3IS3IDENTITY AT THE STRAND GALLERY This exhibition is presented by photography collective 3is3 identity. The artists Tom Kavanagh, Tim Deussen, Simon Slipek and Christian Kraatz offer different views on the relationship between people and places. A variety of styles from portrait and documentary to street and fine art photography come together to … Continue reading


3is3 Identity, Heimat, photography, Simon Slipek, Christian Kraatz, Arbeit, London

Heimat a term implying home, origin, tradition and belonging has a strong influence on an individuals identity. The 3rd group exhibition of the photography collective 3 is 3 Identity shows works from Simon Slipek and Christian Kraatz at Arbeit  from 5th-12th of January. The German word Heimat is mostly related to the strong bound between … Continue reading


DROP HOLLYWOOD – GET NEIGHBORHOOD Tel Aviv Streetart’11 Hello people Christian is just back from Israel and Palestine. And look what he brought for for you. A funky fresh Tel Aviv street art report from around Florentine. (photos by Christian Kraatz)